scholarship winners

Sharps Compliance announced the winners of its Scholarship Contest. To enter the contest, eligible college students must submit an essay on the semester’s essay topic. First, second, and third prize winners are awarded $1500, $1000, and $750, respectively.

Prize Name School
First Jordan L. Virginia Commonwealth University
Second Alicia K. Northeastern University
Third Rosa P. University of St. Thomas

Below was the Fall 2020 essay topic:

Topic: Single-Use Device Infections
Nosocomial infections, or HAI (hospital-acquired infections), pose both operational and legal issues for healthcare providers. The reuse of devices intended and engineered for single use is common, particularly with regards to expensive scopes utilized in diagnostic and interventional procedures. Nosocomial infections arising from the reuse of scopes is a well-documented problem, though the FDA allows for the reuse of such devices. Please explain which metrics healthcare providers and regulatory bodies should consider when weighing the cost-to-benefit implications in the reuse of single-use instruments.

Thanks to everyone who participated, and congratulations to all our winners!