Hazardous Waste On-site Services

Last updated on January 13, 2017

What exactly is meant by on-site services, or sometimes called field services, by environmental companies? This is when an environmental service company places their highly trained and qualified employees on a client’s site to perform projects for a specified period of time. The time may be one day or up to several days for a service, such as a lab pack – or the client may want to sub-contract this personnel to work a full forty-hour workweek, every week.

Organizations concerned with reducing costs and improving efficiency and productivity utilize On-Site Services to manage their non-core environmental and hazardous waste needs. The clients are then able to concentrate on their core business and profits, while the client reduces the liability and costs associated with an area that is highly regulated, such as chemical and hazardous waste management.

Field service personnel provide direct access to all standard field services while performing many of the day-to-day functions normally done by the customers’ employees. The customer decides on the number of personnel and whether their need is full time, part time or as needed. With this option, customers avoid the expense associated with hiring, training and supporting these specialized personnel. Every company operates differently; as a result, each On-Site Service program is unique and customized to a customer’s needs.

The rates for on-site services are typically billed on an hourly basis but may be billed at a flat charge for weekly or monthly rates. The type and duration of project will dictate how the environmental services company bases the fees for these highly trained personnel.

On-Site Services can:

• Develop and administer a chemical management/hazardous waste program

• Implement practices that emphasize safety, cost effectiveness and compliance

• Control the distribution of waste materials to ensure cost-effective delivery to approved disposal or recycling sites

• Electronically manage information related to our customers’ waste activity

• Produce reports required by our customers’ organizations, as well as those required by law

• Give regulatory, safety and technical support to our customers’ operations

• Provide single-source access to services provided by other Sharps approved companies, including off-site inventorying of equipment and supplies

• Handle waste approvals and permit applications

Field service chemists are skilled in chemical recognition and compatibility. Their expertise helps keep the client’s company in compliance with the latest EPA, DOT and OSHA regulations.


Joe Jordan has a Bachelors of Arts degree in Chemistry from Washington and Jefferson College. He is certified in RCRA and DOT as well as 40 Hour HAZWOPER certified. Joe has been in the hazardous waste industry since 1990 and has managed industrial, healthcare, retail, and governmental clients, both large and small.

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