Vaccine Disposal

Last updated on January 15, 2019

Vaccines can prevent many life threatening diseases. Pharmacists, nurse practitioners and physician assistants can administer immunizations in many places, including local pharmacies and retail clinics. Vaccines are generally very safe and can help eradicate some diseases. For instance, polio once caused paralysis and even death. Due to the administration of the injectable polio vaccine, there are now no reports of confirmed polio in the United States.

Getting immunized has gotten easier as pharmacies offer various immunizations, which are administered by trained healthcare providers. Physicians are the most recognized healthcare provider, but pharmacists in all 50 states can immunize patients. A few states have regulations regarding the vaccine type and patient’s age. The convenience and extended hours of the pharmacy make immunizations at pharmacies very beneficial.

With the expansion of retail clinics, also known as convenience care clinics, consumers have even more options for places to get immunized. In an article published in 2015, Kalorama Information reported that out of the 2,000 US adults surveyed, approximately 700 had visited a retail clinic. 74% of these people visited clinics to get vaccinated. Nurse practitioners and physician assistants, who have been thoroughly trained in vaccine administration, staff the clinics.

In addition to administering vaccinations, healthcare providers must consider how they will dispose of all the needles and syringes used for vaccinations. Sharps Compliance offers mailback systems in various sizes that are ideal for pharmacies and retail clinics in need of a cost-effective and regulatory-compliant disposal solution for sharps and other small quantities of medical waste. Once the containers are filled, they are packaged in the prepaid return shipping box. The mailback box can be handed to the postal carrier or dropped off at the local post office, or a USPS priority pickup may be scheduled online. All of Sharps Compliance’s customers receive access to SharpsTracer, an online portal for tracking and proof of treatment of returned systems, available 24/7.

Sharps Compliance also offers route-based pickup services if needed. Sharps will customize services to fit each customer’s medical waste needs.