Sharps Mailback Systems

Used needles and other sharps can cause needlestick injuries and spread infections if they aren’t disposed of properly. As the opioid epidemic continues and the number of patients who self-inject medications increases, so does the need for secure disposal options in public spaces and for those who self-inject medications at home.

Sharps Compliance can help. Our TakeAway Recovery Systems are all-inclusive mailback solutions that offer an affordable, safe, and convenient way to collect, package, and ship small quantities of sharps wastes.

Safely Manage Sharps Waste with Mailback Systems

Use the TakeAway Recovery Systems to pack your used sharps, complete the necessary paperwork, and ship the package directly to our disposal facility. They’re ideal for small quantity waste generators like veterinarians, tattoo parlors, dentists, med spas, pharmacies, and physician offices because you return them based on your needs, not a waste hauler’s schedule.

Other benefits of TakeAway Recovery systems include:

  • Cost: You pay for only what you need. When a container is full, place it in the provided mailback box, complete the paperwork, and return using the prepaid, pre-addressed mailing label.
  • Scalability: Many facilities find that their need for sharps disposal fluctuates – for example, pharmacies during flu shot season. The TakeAway systems provide flexibility and affordability. You can easily scale up during high usage times without changing providers or signing a new contract.
  • Liability: Businesses can be held liable if employees or customers are injured by discarded sharps. Our Sharps Secure Needle Disposal System is a lockable collection cabinet designed specifically for public restrooms. Return it for disposal and treatment using a TakeAway Recovery System mailback box.
  • Regulatory compliant: Both state and federal regulations govern the handling, transport, and treatment of regulated waste disposal. The TakeAway Recovery Systems supply everything you need to comply with applicable state and local regulations, including tracking and proof of destruction.

Sharps Mailback Options for Individuals

The global injectable drug market is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 11.8% between 2016-2021. For example, advances in veterinary medicine make it possible to treat chronic illnesses, like diabetes, at home, with many pet owners giving regular injections to their pets.

It’s very important for individuals who self-inject, whether themselves or their pets, to dispose of their used sharps safely. Needlestick injuries are all too common in trash and recycling facilities and  are expensive to treat. A 2016 study of needlestick injuries to workers in materials recycling facilities found that workplace injuries could total as much as $2.25 million in direct medical care costs.

Many states have specific regulations regarding home sharps collection and disposal to reduce the risk of needlestick injuries. Some specifically prohibit the mixing of home-generated sharps with regular trash or recycling. We can help you safely manage your sharps waste at home.

  • TakeAway Recovery Systems are comprehensive, prepaid mailback systems that come in a variety of sizes. Choose the one that fits your personal needs.
  • Travel-Size Sharps Tubes are designed for on-the-go use. These containers easily fit into a purse, pocket, or briefcase for easy access. After use, place the sharp item into the tube, secure the lid, and retain it until you safely dispose of it in a sharps collection kiosk, disposal container at an airport or other public restroom, or in your home TakeAway Recovery container.

How Sharps Mailback Systems Work

The packaging, labeling, and transportation of sharps mailbacks are subject to USPS packaging requirements. Manufacturers must utilize only FDA-cleared sharps containers as part of their sharps mailback systems.   Additionally, all systems must pass rigorous independent testing to gain USPS approval for the transport through the mail.

Fortunately, the mailback process is much less complicated for the end-user. Our TakeAway Recovery Systems provide everything you need to safely contain, store, package, label, and return your used sharps. Our mailback systems include:

  • A primary collection container
  • Prepaid postage, pre-addressed return shipping box
  • Components to package full sharps container for transport
  • Waste manifest tracking form
  • Instructions for use, proper treatment, and online documentation of treated waste

This short video shows how to package and label your used sharps for shipment: <

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you comply with existing regulations and safely dispose of sharps and other regulated wastes.

Wanda Voigt holds a BA in Nursing from Texas Woman’s University and a BBA in Business Management from Texas A&M University. In Fall 2021, Wanda will begin her Master Jurisprudence in Health Law and Policy at Texas A&M University. Wanda has over 20 years of clinical practice in both hospital and private practice practicing in various specialties.

As the Director of Regulatory Compliance, Wanda assists Sharps’ customers in evaluating current federal and state-specific medical and pharmaceutical waste regulations, implementing compliant regulated medical and pharmaceutical waste management programs and processes, and developing training programs for both internal and external customers.

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