RCRA Empty Container Guidelines

A question many facilities face once they have utilized all of a hazardous material or pharmaceutical is whether the seemingly empty container is trash or hazardous waste?  While the answer can vary somewhat by state, here are some guidelines to review to make your determination.

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P-Listed Hazardous Waste

P-listed waste, or “acutely toxic” waste, is formally defined by the EPA as “pure and commercial grade formulations of certain unused chemicals that are being disposed.”  To meet this definition, the unused chemical must be listed under 40 CFR 261.33 and be part of a commercial chemical product, such as a medication.

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What Are EPA RCRA Listed Wastes?

If you work in the healthcare environment, you know that you must carefully dispose of hazardous waste. First, you must decide if the waste that you are managing is a hazardous waste (HW), and then you must make certain that you dispose of the HW properly.  With so many types of hazardous waste, it can get confusing. This blog post will discuss the types of listed hazardous wastes found in healthcare, with an emphasis on hazardous waste pharmaceuticals (HWP), the most common type managed in healthcare.

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