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Regulated medical waste (RMW) disposal companies help medical waste generators manage all aspects of medical waste handling and disposal, including cradle-to-grave tracking. They may also assist with documentation management, regulatory compliance, internal compliance audits, OSHA-required training, and sustainability.

Does your current RMW disposal company provide all this – and more? Sharps Compliance does.

1. Monitor State and Federal Medical Waste Disposal Regulations

With over 20 years of experience in the field of biohazardous waste disposal, Sharps’ medical waste management experts can develop a customized program for your organization. We comply with federal, state, and local regulations regarding the processing, containment, labeling, storage, transportation, treatment, and disposal of regulated medical waste.

2. Online, Real-Time Tracking of RMW Shipments

Sharps offers two waste transportation options: mailback disposal systems and medical waste pickup service for higher volume waste generators. All mailback disposal systems include the required manifest/tracking documents and have unique serial numbers for tracking. Waste pickup service customers receive the same regulatory compliance services that comply with DOT standards, waste treatment, and documentation

We ensure cradle-to-grave compliance and real-time visibility through our SharpsTracer system, an online tracking/manifesting system that eliminates the need for paper documentation. With SharpsTracer, customers have 24/7 access to their manifests and can verify the weights, return dates, and proof of destruction for all shipments handled by Sharps Compliance.

3. Safety & Compliance Training for Your Staff

Sharps Compliance offers its customers ComplianceTrac, our online OSHA compliance management system, complete with OSHA-required trainings, such as bloodborne pathogen standards, fire safety, and electrical safety. ComplianceTrac also offers modules that satisfy the federal training requirements for HIPAA, DOT packaging and shipping requirements for regulated medical waste, and Medicare. ComplianceTrac is available 24/7, so your staff can choose the most convenient training times. In addition, employers have access to pre-developed OSHA safety plans and internal compliance audits.

We offer tools that help you create a safer, more compliant workplace – and control costs.

  • Educate employees about needlestick injuries and how to avoid them. These types of injuries can cause lost time on the job, increase medical costs, and hurt employee morale
  • Manage disposal costs through proper segregation of wastes using our provided waste segregation posters containing information based on OSHA and your own organization’s guidelines.
  • Decrease the chance of regulatory fines and penalties through staff training and increased understanding of compliance requirements.

4. Help You Comply with State and Federal Regulations

Regulatory inspectors rarely call ahead. You must always be prepared for an inspection, maintain the proper paperwork, and follow state and federal requirements. Our online regulatory database called “The Hub” can help. The Hub is a repository of federal, state, and local regulations. It’s updated on an as-needed basis as well as reviewed annually.

We review all regulatory and legal documents and changes. When necessary, we also speak directly with each state’s waste disposal experts and regulators to clarify regulations and help customers comply.

As previously mentioned, customers can use ComplianceTrac to conduct internal test audits and evaluate their organization’s compliance. The report highlights any areas found to be “not in compliance” and offers the option to assign corrective actions to specific individuals or departments.

Learn more about how ComplianceTrac can help your organization be ready for OSHA inspections.

5. Dedicated Customer Service

All Sharps Compliance national accounts have an assigned, dedicated account manager who is available 24/7. All customers have access to our trained Customer Support team, which is available Monday through Friday to provide answers quickly and accurately. Reach them by phone, fax, or online chat from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Central Time.

6. Environmentally-Responsible Solutions

Sharps Compliance strives to be a zero landfill company. We pioneered and patented a waste conversion process that repurposes medical waste, including used sharps. We avoid the hazards of landfill disposal by treating wastes and turning them into new resources, such as electricity.

Our company is committed to the environmentally responsible treatment of medical and pharmaceutical waste. We incinerate all pharmaceutical waste sent to us for treatment, in accordance with DEA recommendations. To date, we’ve used our network of MedSafe pharmaceutical collection kiosks to safely dispose of a million pounds of unwanted pharmaceuticals, helping to keep potentially dangerous drugs out of our communities and landfills.

The TakeAway Recycle System allows healthcare facilities to divert certain single-use medical devices (SUD) from the landfill. Waste generators use the collection containers to store and transport SUDs for recycling. This cost-effective, environmentally-friendly solution helps reduce the waste stream and eliminate SUD reprocessing costs.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help your facility safely and effectively manage your medical waste management and disposal needs.

Dana has a bachelor’s degree in nursing and a master’s degree in geography and has worked in both the clinical and regulatory compliance settings. Her nursing experience includes working in ER, neuro ICU, hospice, and case management. Her regulatory experience includes conducting environmental compliance reviews for federal grant projects and working as an Environmental Investigator with the TCEQ. Dana joined Sharps Compliance in 2018.

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