Scholarship Reminder

Last updated on February 8, 2018

The deadline for Sharps Compliance’s scholarship essay contest is Thursday, November 30. Participants must be currently accepted to or enrolled in an accredited university and be studying a healthcare-related major. Three winners will be chosen to receive $1500, $1000, and $750 scholarships.

This semester’s essay topic is below.

“The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), signed into law in 1976, tasked the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to draft and enforce the regulations that form the federal program based on the Act. RCRA authorized EPA to delegate the primary responsibility of implementing the hazardous waste program to states and territories with approved programs. To achieve approved program status (aka RCRA Authorization), a state’s program must be substantially equivalent to, consistent with, and no less stringent than the federal program. What this means is that a state with a business-friendly agenda can’t take the EPA regulations and water them down as a gift to hazardous waste generators within their borders. A more common occurrence is a state will go beyond the federal program to be more strict and more broad in its regulation of hazardous waste.

Why would states chose to enact more stringent regulations than the Federal EPA rules? What affect do stricter rules have on enforcement in those states?”

To submit your essay and application, email or mail them to Attn: Michele Guzman, Sharps Compliance, Inc., 9220 Kirby Drive, Ste. 500, Houston, TX 77054 by November 30.

Winners will be announced on December 11. For more information, visit Sharps’ scholarship page.