Northeast Medical Waste Pickup Service

Last updated on October 30, 2019

Sharps Compliance now offers route-based pickup services for Pennsylvania, Maryland and Northern Ohio with the acquisition of Alpha Bio Med Services. The Company plans to add New York, New Jersey and Virginia to the service area over the next few months. Additionally, Sharps Compliance is exploring the addition of a facility and treatment operation in Eastern Pennsylvania.

The acquisition allows Sharps Compliance to supplement its national service offering of the industry-leading medical waste mailback systems with geographically-focused medical waste route-based pickup service in the Northeast. In addition to the Northeast, the Company also announced the expansion of its Texas operations to also offer the route-based pickup service offering.

The addition of route-based pickup service further defines the Company as a full-service medical and pharmaceutical waste management service. Focusing on customer service, reasonable pricing, no long-term contracts and twenty successful years in the business, Sharps Compliance viewed this acquisition as an expansion opportunity that is much needed in the marketplace. Sharps Compliance is looking to change the industry and put the customer back in control of their medical waste management spending.

David Tusa, President and Chief Executive Officer of Sharps, commented, “Alpha Bio Med Services is a very well run organization and a great fit for Sharps as it allows us to service the Pennsylvania, Maryland and Ohio areas with both the route-based pickup service as well as our traditional line of Sharps Recovery System™ mailback solutions. With this acquisition, we are exploring opportunities to build and permit a treatment facility in the Northeast to most efficiently service our strong and growing customer base in the region.”

Mr. Tusa continued, “As we have discussed on many occasions, we believe the strategic growth of the Company should include revenue from acquisitions that will allow us to offer complementary, value-added services to our current and prospective customer base. We believe the acquisition of Alpha Bio Med, the addition of a treatment facility in the Northeast and the launch of our pick-up service operations in Texas is consistent with our strategic growth goals.”

If you are interested in learning more about our new route-based pickup service in the Northeast area, please call 800.772.5657, or click here to request a quote for service.