Sharps Compliance Announces Fall 2018 Scholarship Topic

Every semester Sharps Compliance offers a scholarship contest for all students currently enrolled in healthcare-related studies at an accredited university. $1500, $1000, and $750 scholarships will be awarded to first, second, and third prize winners, respectively.
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Sharps Compliance – Celebrating Earth Day Every Day

On April 22, people across the globe will celebrate Earth Day and learn about ways to promote environmental sustainability. At Sharps Compliance, however, we treat every day as Earth Day by helping waste generators with safe collection, transport, treatment, and diversion from landfills.
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Safe Prescription Drug Disposal with Sharps’ TakeAway Medication Recovery Systems

Affordable, environmentally responsible solutions for unused, unwanted pharmaceuticals

Americans fill over 4 billion prescriptions each year, but up to 40% of those drugs go unused. It’s a definite challenge to safely dispose of 200 million pounds of unused medication each year. Many communities participate in semi-annual drug takeback days where their citizens can take their personal unused medications to a location for drop-off and proper disposal. However, people often need to dispose of medications more frequently. Storing unused medications for many months can increase the risk of those drugs getting into the wrong hands. Sharps Compliance developed the Takeaway Medication Recovery Systems to provide consumers with immediate-use safe, affordable, DEA-compliant pharmaceutical waste disposal solutions for unwanted and unused medications.
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What Happens to Regulated Medical Waste After It Leaves Your Facility?

Healthcare workers are often surprised to learn that 85% of the waste generated at their facility is classified as solid waste and can be disposed of as regular trash. The remaining 15% is classified as either biohazardous, hazardous, or other regulated waste and must be handled, contained, and disposed of per state and federal regulations.
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Safely Dispose of Pet Needles, Syringes, and Medications

Americans love their pets! So, in honor of National Spay/Neuter Awareness Month and World Spay Day (February 27), we’re spending the month highlighting a specific segment of medical waste generators – veterinary hospitals and pet owners. Our pets are living longer, so pet owners need to be knowledgeable about safety issues around home medical care for diseases related to obesity and aging – specifically safe disposal of syringes and unused medications.

The American Pet Products Association’s 2017/2018 annual survey of pet ownership found that approximately 47 million households in the U.S. have at least one cat and 60 million households have at least one dog. As the United States population ages, our pets are aging right along with us and are subject to many of the same diseases of aging – and often the same treatments. Many pet owners now give regular in-home injections to their pets and must deal with how to safely dispose of the syringes.
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