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Last updated on January 24, 2019

No office wants its employees to suffer accidents on the job. Workplace injuries cost money and hurt employee morale. So, prevention is key. Employees need to understand workplace safety rules and have access to comprehensive OSHA training materials. In most healthcare facilities, however, it can be hard to fit training into busy schedules. ComplianceTrac can help.

The goal of OSHA compliance officers is to “help employers and workers reduce on-the-job hazards and prevent injuries, illnesses and deaths in the workplace.” OSHA accomplishes this with detailed regulations, employee training requirements, mandatory recordkeeping and reporting, and workplace inspections. These OSHA-required measures help keep employees safe.

OSHA Training Online for Employees

With ComplianceTrac, your employees can take their OSHA training online. Training modules are OSHA-compliant and accessible anytime, so they’re ready when you and your employees need them. Our comprehensive OSHA compliance suite gives you the tools you need to comply with regulations and stay safe.

Online OSHA training module topics include:

  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Sharps Safety
  • Hand Hygiene
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • GHS Hazard Communications (HazCom)
  • Ergonomics
  • Fire Safety for Healthcare
  • Electrical Safety for Healthcare
  • Workplace Violence Prevention

In addition to OSHA training, ComplianceTrac also provides training on:

  • Medicare Fraud, Waste, and Abuse
  • Medicare C and D Compliance
  • DOT training required for packaging and manifesting regulated medical waste

The in-depth training videos allow employees to train in typically less than an hour and receive instant certification. The office OSHA manager can schedule and set up notification regarding employee training status. Employees can start assigned training and come back to finish where they left off if necessary. Employers can purchase training credits for individuals or groups of employees. There is a different free online training module offered each quarter.

Automatic Regulatory Updates

You can monitor regulatory changes by subscribing to OSHA’s bi-monthly newsletter and checking the OSHA website. And, you can be assured that ComplianceTrac is regularly updated to help you achieve your compliance goals.

The ComplianceTrac online system provides a searchable resource that’s continuously updated and available 24/7. The system contains over 220,000 federal regulations from OSHA, EPA, DOT, and more. You have access to both current and archived regulations.

Safety Data Sheet (MSDS/SDS) Compliance

A healthcare facility can use many hazardous chemicals. Training on safety data sheets (MSDS/SDS), offers the information workers need for their safe use, and in case of a spill, fire, other emergency. Because safety data sheets can be such important safety tools, OSHA requires them to be “readily accessible to employees.”

ComplianceTrac offers immediate access to your safety data sheets. Your “List of Hazardous Chemicals” (a chemical inventory required by OSHA) is automatically generated based on the SDS saved to your “My MSDS/SDS” file. You can group safety data sheets by department and give workers quick access to the online binder with just a few clicks. It’s more efficient than paging through a heavy binder filled with paper printouts. However, if all employees don’t have online access, you can simply update and print your safety data sheets and chemical list.

Build Safety Plans and Prepare for Safety Audits

Are you sure your OSHA manual is up to date? Workplace safety plans make up your “OSHA manual.” They help you and your staff identify workplace hazards, prevent injuries, and prepare for emergencies.

Instead of a bulky hardcopy OSHA manual, use ComplianceTrac to develop written safety plans customized to your office and post them online so employees can easily find them for reference. Or, you can print them if employees don’t have online access. Forms and posters specific for each plan are also included. They can be customized and printed for or used as needed. You can also upload your own safety plans if desired.

Use the step-by-step, fill-in-the-blank process to build the following OSHA safety plans:

  • Safety and Health Program
  • Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan
  • Hazard Communication (HazCom) Program
  • Recordkeeping and Enforcement Program
  • Training Program
  • Numerous Disaster Emergency Action Plans
  • General Safety Procedures including
    • Fire Safety and Prevention
    • Electrical Safety
    • Ergonomics
    • Workplace Violence
    • And other General Safety procedures needed but often ignored

Employees can read the plans online and check a box when finished. That way, your office OSHA manager has a record of every employee who has read the plan and is in compliance.

ComplianceTrac’s audit tool lets you perform regular workplace audits, assign corrective action to individuals, and generate reports showing audit results as well as the status of corrective measures taken. The benefit is two-fold: avoid OSHA violations and proactively correct problems that could cause workplace injuries. Employees will know you take training and safety seriously when you develop plans and measure compliance. On its website, OSHA stresses the importance of employee engagement:

“Education and training are important tools for informing workers and managers about workplace hazards and controls so they can work more safely and be more productive.”

ComplianceTrac is a one-stop, online OSHA training and compliance solution. Contact us to learn how your workplace can take advantage of its many safety and compliance features.


Wanda Voigt holds a BA in Nursing from Texas Woman’s University and a BBA in Business Management from Texas A&M University. In Fall 2021, Wanda will begin her Master Jurisprudence in Health Law and Policy at Texas A&M University. Wanda has over 20 years of clinical practice in both hospital and private practice practicing in various specialties.

As the Director of Regulatory Compliance, Wanda assists Sharps’ customers in evaluating current federal and state-specific medical and pharmaceutical waste regulations, implementing compliant regulated medical and pharmaceutical waste management programs and processes, and developing training programs for both internal and external customers.

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