Federal Grant Program Encourages States to Increase Drug Take Back Efforts

Last fall, Congress passed the “Access to Increased Drug Disposal (AIDD) Act as part of a larger package of bills aimed at controlling the national opioid epidemic. AIDD allows states to compete for $10 million in federal grants designed to increase participation in safe medication disposal programs. Five states will be chosen to receive grant money to implement drug take back demonstration projects that encourage “authorized collectors,” such as hospitals and retail pharmacies, to increase public access to drug collection boxes.

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How MedSafe & TakeAway Systems Support Sustainable, Safe Drug Disposal

In 2008, public health officials were startled when water quality studies found that 46 million Americans had trace amounts of pharmaceuticals in their drinking water. They noted that many localities didn’t test drinking water for pharmaceutical residues, so even more people could potentially be affected. These findings led to calls for more testing, public education, and safer, more secure drug disposal options.

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Veterinarians, Pet Medications, and the Opioid Crisis

Ninety-five percent of pet owners say they consider pets a part of the family, but there’s a darker side to some of those families. Sadly, as in so many human families, drug addiction is breaking the bonds of affection and trust. Veterinarians have reported cases where opioid addiction is leading pet owners to steal their pets’ medications or even injure their pets in an effort to get pain meds prescribed.

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MedSafe Milestone: One Million Pounds – And Counting

Since 2014, Sharps Compliance has partnered with pharmacies, hospitals and clinics with on-site pharmacies, law enforcement agencies, and others to make approximately 3,000 MedSafe pharmaceutical collection kiosks accessible to ultimate users for the disposal of their home medicines. Those with unused/unwanted medications can – at no cost – bring their home medicines to a MedSafe unit for safe, DEA-complaint disposal. The program has generated an enthusiastic response: as of December 2018, over a million pounds of unused, ultimate-user medications have been deposited into MedSafe receptacles.
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North Dakota Pharmacists Use MedSafe to Help Fight Opioid Abuse

North Dakota’s innovative approach to combating the opioid crisis in rural America involves stakeholders at every level – from pharmaceutical companies to the public. Although the state’s death rate from opioid overdoses is less than half the national average, officials were alarmed when it spiked in 2016. In response, the state launched several new initiatives that focused on education, front-line prevention, and drug collection/diversion using Sharps Compliance MedSafe Medication Disposal System kiosks.
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