RCRA Empty Container Guidelines

A question many facilities face once they have utilized all of a hazardous material or pharmaceutical is whether the seemingly empty container is trash or hazardous waste?  While the answer can vary somewhat by state, here are some guidelines to review to make your determination.

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Regulated Medical Waste in the Tattoo Industry

Did you know that regulated medical waste is not solely found in the healthcare setting? Tattoo studios, MedSpas, and other practices that perform body modification procedures produce medical waste. Improper disposal of sharps, such as a tattoo needle, cross-contamination of blood-soaked items, or the improper reuse of a dirty sharp, can lead to exposure of bloodborne pathogens.

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COVID-19 Medical Waste: Helpful Tips

This is an update of the article originally published on March 19, 2020. Regulations change frequently. That’s why Sharps Compliance monitors updates and communicates any changes to its customers.

In these uncertain times, many of our current and prospective customers look to us, their regulated medical waste (RMW) management experts, for guidance in the proper handling of waste generated from confirmed and suspected COVID-19 cases, and rightfully so.
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Proper Inhaler Disposal Management with Sharps’ New Inhaler Disposal System

Inhalers save lives and improve the quality of life for millions of people. Since the metered dose inhaler was invented in the 1950s, inhalers have become so much a part of daily life that many don’t realize that they require specialized handling and disposal after use. That’s why Sharps Compliance has developed the Inhaler Disposal System to provide for the compliant packaging and safe transportation of unused and partially used pressurized inhalers.
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