Proper Disposal of Dental Anesthetic Carpules

This is an update of the article originally published on January 12, 2016. Regulations change frequently. That’s why Sharps Compliance monitors updates and communicates any changes to its customers.

Are used dental anesthetic carpules classified as medical waste, pharmaceutical waste, hazardous waste, or general waste that can be placed in the trash? Dental offices frequently ask our team this question about carpule disposal. The answer depends on the used carpule and the regulations for the state in which the office practices.

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Essay Topic for Scholarship Contest Announced

Sharps Compliance recently announced the essay topic for its semiannual scholarship contest. Each semester Sharps hosts a contest for college and university students studying healthcare. $1,500, $1,000, and $750 scholarships are awarded to first, second, and third prize winners, respectively.
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No More Flushing: Better Options for Safe Medication Disposal in Senior Living Facilities

Many senior living providers aren’t aware that some common medication disposal methods may actually be putting them at risk from a compliance standpoint while reducing operational efficiency and eroding the bottom line. A new white paper published by Sharps Compliance and Senior Housing News explains how “best practices” in medication disposal are changing and how senior living providers can benefit from new, safer pharmaceutical disposal options.
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Regulated Medical Waste in the MedSpa Industry

Aesthetic procedures are having “a moment” right now with Medical Spas (MedSpas) spreading across the nation into urban and suburban landscapes alike. Both medical and spa-like in one, this hybrid business model can include a wide variety of offerings beyond just Botox. Laser hair removal, chemical peels, tattooed makeup, hormone injections, even acupuncture can be found on a MedSpa service menu.
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Sharps Compliance’s White Paper Explains the EPA’s New Hazardous Waste Pharmaceutical Rule – Is Your Facility Ready?